Lead management

  • Enables the lawyers/ law firms to register their leads and track the progress of leads from contract to proposal
  • Qualification of leads
  • Proposal management with commercial terms
  • Capturing leads by the matter type
  • Converting leads to contract
  • Lead contact management

Client Management

  • Leads can be processed and converted to clients and contracts
  • Online collaboration with the clients of the lawyer or law firm
  • Client contact management

Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Management of contracts from creation to closure, tracking all the stages of delivery as per contractual obligations
  • Assignment of contract deliverables to relevant stakeholders
  • Management of time & material, fixed and retainership contract types from initiation to closure
  • Smooth management and tracking of contract value, estimated/actual hours, terms and conditions, contract milestones, billing, expenses, delays, resource utilization etc. from the contract start date to end date

Matter Management

  • Electronic Matter Management end to end
  • Get visibility into the stages of the matter progress and track all the matter related details through the matter lifecycle
  • Track single/multiple matter information associated with the contract using a single user interface for easy management
  • Assignment of matters to lawyers, paralegals and relevant people through access rights
  • Quick access to comprehensive matter information for relevant team members as per the access rights assigned
  • Define milestone-based matter deliverables

Case Management

  • Specifically manage cases by case types, court types, jurisdiction, parties, witnesses, with an option to include all stakeholders and representatives
  • Quick access to case events, documents, client contacts, bills and any relevant information associated with cases
  • Tracking of judges and court information
  • Audit trails and alerts related to all case related events
  • Manage and access case law and citations

Document Management

  • Securely create, store and share documents across the user base and stakeholders
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use search of information within the documents and application framework


  • E-Bundle creates document bundles or binders
  • Automatically creates a hyperlinked index that is bookmarked, paginated and ordered with multiple sections
  • Provides a range of customizable options including title pages, index pages, sections, page numbering, bates numbering, watermarking etc.
  • Multimedia capable – one-click video streaming
  • Powerful search tool which work across handwritten documents and images

Activities, Events and Calendar Management

  • Milestone based event and activity management
  • Smart scheduling of virtual/offline meetings related to clients and their assignments
  • Task and timesheet management

Billing Management

  • Automated and manual bill generation
  • Fee management in compliance with varied tax requirements
  • Tracking of billable and non-billable time for creating invoices

Dashboard, Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Intuitive dashboards and reports for Contract, Matter and Revenue management
  • Extensive business intelligence, actionable analytics and reporting equipping users for timely decision making and management

User Management

  • Administration of the lawyers, paralegals, consultants and clients
  • Access to relevant information for lawyers, paralegals, law firms and clients anytime, anywhere using role-based access privileges