1. What is a legal practice management System?

Legal practice management software enables law firms to manage day-to-day contracts, matters, cases, clients, tasks, workflows and business operations within the law firm’s business practice. The legal software helps lawyers and law firms to manage cases, contacts, calendars, documents, tasks, time, billing, payments, accounting and more.

Considering the covid-19 global pandemic, it is essential for lawyers/ law firms to have a legal practise management system to efficiently work with clients and their assignments.

2. How can I switch from another software?

The Case Dyne practise management system is designed to seamlessly interface with any other software which the lawyer/ law firm use. The Case Dyne’s team of experts will manage the transition, integration and data migration of your law firm with minimal downtime. The data migration process will include information of your contracts, matters, clients, staff, documents, and transaction history.

3. How are users managed in Case Dyne?
Users are managed through groups and are assigned rights to access relevant sections/menus within the system.

4. How is security managed in Case Dyne?
Case Dyne is designed to operate in a highly secure environment considering the sensitivity of the data being used by the judiciary and the law firms. OWASP security standards, encryption, decryption, anti-forgery methodologies are incorporated at different data access levels with relevant validation models, both backend and frontend

5. How is Case Dyne licensed?
Case Dyne is a SaaS application operating on Microsoft Azure and the payment for usage of Case Dyne can be made on a monthly basis.